Winter Retreat 2013


On the night of January 5, 2013, the brothers of the Delta Zeta Chapter of Theta Chi at UNO had a Winter retreat in a cabin in the woods. The retreat was in honor of the new Executive Council. We inducted our new president, vice president, and secretary. Joe Braddock became our new president, Jake Ruwe became our new vice president, and Ryan Dube was inducted as secretary for the second year.

After that we had a nice, smooth chapter meeting with the new Executive Council. The only downside was the cabin we were in was 41 degrees inside! We lived through that and went to the much warmer bottom floor to have a classy get together. We played Marvel vs. Capcom on the XBOX 360 and a zombie role-playing board game. We ate Doritos, drank Coca-Cola, and even sang Sweet Home Alabama together. It was a very fun night.

After witnessing this great night, I have a feeling that this will be a exceptional year for the Delta Zeta Chapter of Theta Chi.