Relay For Life 2013!!!

Sleeping Bags

On the night of April 12, from 6 pm to 6 am there was a Relay for life event at Sapp Field House at UNO. At this event, people walk on a track to raise money for cancer research. Many people came to the event like moths to a flame.

At this event, there was many activities such as volleyball, basketball, water pong, zumba, rely, pie throwing, and a bunch of others. Our brother, Kyle Bushon, got his head shaved since we raised over $500 with our Fraternity fundraising.

I played water pong first and I made it in the cup from super far away to max on my first throw. Then my luck ran out and I totally sucked at it the rest of the night. I mean, jeez louise, it shouldn’t be that hard of a game.

I played volleyball for most of the night, and it started with just me and about 10 other people hitting the ball around without a net. Many times the ball flew on the volleyball court and the people playing there freaked out like they were playing some professional game or something. After about an hour we finally got to use the court. I played for about 2 hours and I was getting ridiculously tired.

At about 1 in the morning many people left like a house in a hurricane. The tiredness was settling in. I fought the lethargy as if I was wrestling a bear and stayed for a couple more hours. During those hours I did the activity that the event is named for, the relay. It wasn’t no ordinary lame running relay, no, this was something special. This was the most astonishing, awe-inspiring, formidable, phenomenal, inconceivable, daunting, bizarre, majestic, and mind-exploding relay EVER!!!!! Each person in the relay had to do a different thing, such as jump roping, wheel borrowing, putting pencil into a soda bottle with no hands, hola-hooping, and other total nonsensical non-sense.

At about 3:30 am I was tired to the max so I decided to leave. I thought to myself should I sink or swim or simply disappear. But I did none of those and just said goodbye and drove off into the moon light. Going where-ever the wind took me.

The event was totally awesome. All ages were there, from 7 year olds to 50 year olds. I recommend everyone to go to the next one and donate to the American Cancer Society. I’ll definitely go to the next one.

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