Exchange With The Zetas!!!


A few fortnights ago we had a wee-little exchange with the sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha. Fun was had by all since we did something that we had never done before, had a “Whose Line Is it Anyway” themed exchange! Fraternity stars and sorority women showed off their acting chops at Milo Bailo Student Center. It seems like the Zetas are the peanut to our butter in acting skills.

The night started off with a bang by us eating catered in submarine sandwiches, chips, and soda oh my. We communicated and contemplated cowtipping, parkour, and other kinds of tomfoolery.

After we fathomed those elegant conversations, we made a quick jaunt onto the acting floor. We first played the game “props”, where there is a hefty amount of haphazard objects that we can use in a comedic fashion. My favorite props skit was when Frank Winter and Dan Buras did a reenactment of the illustrious, oscar-nominated film, “Piranha 3D”. In this skit Frank was on a fake boat and Dan threw a large stuffed fish at Frank’s cranium.

Next, on the agenda we performed “Scenes from a Hat”. In this activity, we wrote about specific characters that are in humorous situations on little pieces of paper that we put in a dashing top hat. People would then pull out a piece of paper and act out that scene and character. Aaron Earl did an almost perfect depiction of “Batman looking for hostages”. Frank Winter did a beautiful rendition of “Parkour guy doing parkour stuff”, but to my dismay, I never found out who wrote that skit.

After, that Ryan Dube, Isaac Thompson, and Frank Winter sang “Hoedown”. In this activity, a topic is chosen to sing in a Hoedown-esque fashion. And the topic chosen was “Bad things that happen at exchanges”. All three of them did good but I think Isaac takes the cake with his improved song about being allergic to peanuts.

After Hoedown, the exchange was finished. There was still a lot of food and drinks left so we divided those amongst ourselves. We also got to take home props that people didn’t want! Then we rode off into the sunset, where we were never seen again, until the next school day.

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