Relay For Life 2013!!!

Sleeping Bags

On the night of April 12, from 6 pm to 6 am there was a Relay for life event at Sapp Field House at UNO. At this event, people walk on a track to raise money for cancer research. Many people came to the event like moths to a flame.

At this event, there was many activities such as volleyball, basketball, water pong, zumba, rely, pie throwing, and a bunch of others. Our brother, Kyle Bushon, got his head shaved since we raised over $500 with our Fraternity fundraising.

I played water pong first and I made it in the cup from super far away to max on my first throw. Then my luck ran out and I totally sucked at it the rest of the night. I mean, jeez louise, it shouldn’t be that hard of a game.

I played volleyball for most of the night, and it started with just me and about 10 other people hitting the ball around without a net. Many times the ball flew on the volleyball court and the people playing there freaked out like they were playing some professional game or something. After about an hour we finally got to use the court. I played for about 2 hours and I was getting ridiculously tired.

At about 1 in the morning many people left like a house in a hurricane. The tiredness was settling in. I fought the lethargy as if I was wrestling a bear and stayed for a couple more hours. During those hours I did the activity that the event is named for, the relay. It wasn’t no ordinary lame running relay, no, this was something special. This was the most astonishing, awe-inspiring, formidable, phenomenal, inconceivable, daunting, bizarre, majestic, and mind-exploding relay EVER!!!!! Each person in the relay had to do a different thing, such as jump roping, wheel borrowing, putting pencil into a soda bottle with no hands, hola-hooping, and other total nonsensical non-sense.

At about 3:30 am I was tired to the max so I decided to leave. I thought to myself should I sink or swim or simply disappear. But I did none of those and just said goodbye and drove off into the moon light. Going where-ever the wind took me.

The event was totally awesome. All ages were there, from 7 year olds to 50 year olds. I recommend everyone to go to the next one and donate to the American Cancer Society. I’ll definitely go to the next one.

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Exchange With The Zetas!!!


A few fortnights ago we had a wee-little exchange with the sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha. Fun was had by all since we did something that we had never done before, had a “Whose Line Is it Anyway” themed exchange! Fraternity stars and sorority women showed off their acting chops at Milo Bailo Student Center. It seems like the Zetas are the peanut to our butter in acting skills.

The night started off with a bang by us eating catered in submarine sandwiches, chips, and soda oh my. We communicated and contemplated cowtipping, parkour, and other kinds of tomfoolery.

After we fathomed those elegant conversations, we made a quick jaunt onto the acting floor. We first played the game “props”, where there is a hefty amount of haphazard objects that we can use in a comedic fashion. My favorite props skit was when Frank Winter and Dan Buras did a reenactment of the illustrious, oscar-nominated film, “Piranha 3D”. In this skit Frank was on a fake boat and Dan threw a large stuffed fish at Frank’s cranium.

Next, on the agenda we performed “Scenes from a Hat”. In this activity, we wrote about specific characters that are in humorous situations on little pieces of paper that we put in a dashing top hat. People would then pull out a piece of paper and act out that scene and character. Aaron Earl did an almost perfect depiction of “Batman looking for hostages”. Frank Winter did a beautiful rendition of “Parkour guy doing parkour stuff”, but to my dismay, I never found out who wrote that skit.

After, that Ryan Dube, Isaac Thompson, and Frank Winter sang “Hoedown”. In this activity, a topic is chosen to sing in a Hoedown-esque fashion. And the topic chosen was “Bad things that happen at exchanges”. All three of them did good but I think Isaac takes the cake with his improved song about being allergic to peanuts.

After Hoedown, the exchange was finished. There was still a lot of food and drinks left so we divided those amongst ourselves. We also got to take home props that people didn’t want! Then we rode off into the sunset, where we were never seen again, until the next school day.

To see all the pictures from this awesome event, go to:

Zoo Visit 2013

It's the front of the Zoo GUYS!!!

During Martin Luther King Day, the brothers of Theta Chi and their friends went to the Henry Doorly Zoo for a fun-filled day of animal watching and hanging out. Our faculty adviser, Mrs. Knudtson, who teaches English at UNO as well as volunteers at the zoo; led us on this journey through the zoo. We started at the Cat Complex where we saw lions and tigers and some cute lion cubs. We learned that there is only one male lion that breeds at our zoo now and he has two lion wives.

Next, we arrived at the Hubbard Orangutang Forest where we saw a male orangutang with a massive face that reminded many of us of Jabba The Hutt. Also, there were a few baby orangutang that interacted with us behind their glass enclosure. They really love chewing on wrapping paper and playing with plastic crates. One thing I also noticed is that they are masters of parkour, since they are swinging and jumping from trees all the time.

Then we advanced to the Suzanne and Walter Scott Aquarium, where we serenely observed the magnificent, aquatic creatures. We first were allowed to experience the texture of a starfish, which was bumpy and felt dry even through it was submerged in water. Next, we saw the penguins, who were as classy as always in their tuxedos. Some brothers went inside the viewing bubble that is built into the the penguin enclosure for viewing penguins, and a penguin attempted to attack them.

Thereafter, we marched on to behold the smaller fish and crabs that live in ocean reefs. We saw a crab that was the size of a house cat and many fish that can camouflage into their surroundings. It was astounding seeing all the fish, eels, sponges, etc. in the kaleidoscopic reefs.

After some time we went to what the aquarium is most known for, the 70 ft Shark Tunnel where I almost had the feeling of swimming with the sharks and other various sea creatures. It was like floating through a sea of dreams, and all my woes were left in some alternate dimension, which left my bodies breath calm and smooth. That tunnel has the perfect fusion of light and darkness that relaxes me.

Then we emerged from the tunnel and went on to view the jellyfish, which are dazzling creatures, whom almost seem as though they don’t have a care in the world. They gracefully glide with the ocean currents and their whole canopy body contorts to swim, which left me feeling tranquil.

Then we refueled at the Durham Treetops Restaurant; where most of us had burgers, chicken strips, fries, and such. We engaged in deep conversations, and delightfully gazed at the gibbons in the jungle gliding through the trees like albatrosses swiftly soaring over the peaceful ocean.

After our meal of kings we strolled to the Lied Jungle, which is one of my favorite places at the zoo. It reminds me of the house that turned into a jungle in the feature film “Jumanji”. I like it because some of the animals can utilize the whole building; animals such as squirrel monkeys, birds, and bats can fly and jump around the enclosed labyrinth. Another great thing about the Lied Jungle is that we were able to walk the first floor which gave me the feeling of being an explorer prospecting the wilderness.

After that walk, half of our group left the zoo, while the rest of us meandered to the Desert Dome where we witnessed hogs, desert deer, and foxes. Next, we went to the basement where the the animals of the night reside. This residence is called The Kingdom’s of the Night and it perpetuates the rationalization, that there is a loveliness in darkness. This is where many of the creatures of the night frolic.

After the Kingdoms of the Night, our group decided to part ways and go home. Living in the city, I almost forget about all the beauty that is in this world and the zoo reminds me of the elegant artistry of wildlife that the encompasses the Earth.

Winter Retreat 2013


On the night of January 5, 2013, the brothers of the Delta Zeta Chapter of Theta Chi at UNO had a Winter retreat in a cabin in the woods. The retreat was in honor of the new Executive Council. We inducted our new president, vice president, and secretary. Joe Braddock became our new president, Jake Ruwe became our new vice president, and Ryan Dube was inducted as secretary for the second year.

After that we had a nice, smooth chapter meeting with the new Executive Council. The only downside was the cabin we were in was 41 degrees inside! We lived through that and went to the much warmer bottom floor to have a classy get together. We played Marvel vs. Capcom on the XBOX 360 and a zombie role-playing board game. We ate Doritos, drank Coca-Cola, and even sang Sweet Home Alabama together. It was a very fun night.

After witnessing this great night, I have a feeling that this will be a exceptional year for the Delta Zeta Chapter of Theta Chi.

Car Smash!

Our Car Smash Fundraiser was on Thursday November 15! The Omaha World Herald featured us in their paper! Check out the story at this website.